Monday, April 19, 2010

struggle for the future !

next week, eh no ! this week, on 24th, i have to sit for the MUET examination.
im really scared now. h0pe for the best. i really hope that i can get band 4 at least to pursue my bls... *sigh* i really really really hope that. but, if i manage to get band 5 or 6, wow ! its really amazing ! *thats too high for me* n band 4 is more than enough girl ! i hope, everything will be fine. with all the preparation that i had done, i hope it is enough for me to answer those questions. ( i dont think that i've well prepared !! goshhhh ) no matter how it is, i really really hope that things will be ok. n i will keep on struggle until the last breath. wahaaaaaa, :l I believe that, diligence is the mother of good fortune. :) and with all that i've done, i hope elbow grease is the best polish for me ! insyaAllah.. :)

mady, the darkest hour is just before dawn ok !
never, never, never give up !
remember, all good things come to those who wait... :)
~hoping for the best~


safiamira said...

all the best utk muet anda!

.mady. said...

thankz mira ! :)
gud luck to u too !
heee~ bru jmpe kau kat cni..
jom follow2.. hahaha