Saturday, December 25, 2010

My 35 Minutes Survey ! :DD

tagged by mizz fifianggun. heheh^^ ala-ala mizz nina gitu kan. kidng2. hahaha :P

okay2. sila jawab dengan jujur ye. ( okay, aku try. huk3 )


Starting time ; 1:20 AM

Name ; mardhiah baharun

Brother(S) ; 2

Eye Colour ; dark brown

Shoe Size : 5 and sometimes 6

Hair ; shoulder level dan lebih sikit. errrr.. LU PIKIR LAH SENDIRI !! hahahaha :PP

Piercings ; a pair in ears. hee~

What are you wearing right now ; pyjamas

Where do you live ; kuantan, pahang

Favourite number ; 23

Favourite drink ; lychee

Favourite Breakfast ; nasi lemak kerang, nasi goreng + fried egg

Have You Ever ;

Broken a bone ; never !

Been in a police car ; never !

Fallen for a friend ; cinta monyet ! simply syok dekat dia je. hehe^^ :P

Fallen for a guy/girl in a short period of time ; nope i guess :P

Swam in the ocean ; yes. quite a number of times.

Fallen asleep in school ; yeah ! especially in my biology class ! LOL~! hahahaha

Broken someone's heart ; no :D

Cried when someone died ; probably yes !

Sat by the phone all night waiting for someone to call ; yes ! but not all night :P

Save e-mails ; yes !

Been cheated on ; yes ! grrr~!!

What ;

Your room like ; like what ?? a girl room ? yeah ! n sometimes a bit messy ! hoho^^ :P

What is right beside youu ; sofa

What is the last thing you ate ; my dinner

Who ;

Who did you last yell at ; who yell at me ? my sister ! ask me to switch off the light. huhu^^

Who was the last person you dance with ; with my roomates last 3 months ago :P

Who last made you smile ; my dad ! not smile, but laughing ! hahahahaha *kelakar la abah tadi :P

Final Question ;

What are you listening to right now ; 7 things by miley cyrus

What did you do todayyy ; jakeman clubhitz and currently waka2 by shakira ;D

Are you the oldest ; yup !

Indoors or outdoors ; both !

Todayy You Did ; shopping with family ! :D

Talk to someone you like ; yeah ! my besties ! :D

Kiss anyone ; of course with my family only. :)

Sing ; fav songs ! hehe^^

Talk to an ex ; ex ?? i dont even have a boyfiee.. *serious* hahaha xD

Miss Someone ; my friendsss ! a lotzzz ! huk3

Eat ; no ! its 1.44 am now.. doesn't feel like eating. huhu^^

Last Person Whooo ;

Made you cry
; made me cry ? my housemates when there is a farewell. 3 months ago :(

You went to the mall with
; family

Who cheered you up
; my sisters

You talked to on the phone
; wawa my roomate :)

Have You ;

Been to Mexico ; someday

Been to USA ; someday

Randommm ;

Have a crush on someone ; never i guess. :)

What Book are you reading right now ; breaking dawn

Best feeling in the world ; holidays with my big3 fabulous family ! hehe xD

Future kids name ; ohhh.. not the right time yet ! hahahaha

Do you sleep with a stuffed animal ; no !

What under your bed ; nothing !

Favourite sport(s) ; football ! *tengok je* hehe^^

Favourite place ; mall, beach and my bed ! hahaha :D

Who do you really hate ; lizard ! but not my cutey iguana ! hehe^^ *cutey yarh ! hahaha!*

Do you have a job ; someday insyaAllah :)

What time is it now ; 1:55 AM

with however long it took you to complete this

post as "My _ Minutes Survey" and tag 15 peoples :)


ohhh.. really 15 peoples ?? huh ! okayy.. nahh !!

misto cekadak

naa lina







pakcik juha







gahhhh .. penat aku cari 15 org bertuah nih... -______- sila la ye.. :D